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How can I make the straps larger?

Posted: Wed Mar 24, 2010 3:21 pm
by jjcpammc09
I am going to be making Princess Serenity's gown from the anime Sailor Moon. My question is that how can I make the straps larger for the gown? This is the pattern that I will be using for the gown...
I see where the straps are suppose to be on the gown for the pattern but I don't like where it my other question is how do I put the larger straps on the gown to make it look like Princess Serenity's gown?
Thank you!

Re: How can I make the straps larger?

Posted: Sun Mar 28, 2010 8:43 am
by Andichan
my suggestion would be to draw the sleeve in the kind of shape you would like, get some "practice fabric" and just play around with it until you get a shape and size that works for you. have someone measure how long the straps should be first, so that you have a ballpark figure of how long they should be.