Gurren Lagann Contest Winners

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Gurren Lagann Contest Winners

Post by Genjitsu » Wed Sep 24, 2008 8:37 am

We're proud to announce the top 5 choices in our Gurren Lagann Contest!

Congratulations to our Top 5 choices

1st place - windofthestars as Adiane
2nd place - STENDEX as Kamina

The remaining choices for top 5 are:

OwlDepot as Yoko Ritona (Motojacket Version)
ai-honey as Yoko Ritona
Pocky Princess Darcy as Nia

Lastly, our Looking Outrageously Lovely (LOL) Prize goes to hezachan for her Yoko!

Congratulations to the winners, we'll be contacting you via email later today. Thanks to everyone for participating!

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