DMC + Tsubasa Chronicle Winners!

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DMC + Tsubasa Chronicle Winners!

Post by Genjitsu » Thu Jan 31, 2008 9:22 pm

And the results are in! But before that, an unexpected change in plans. Due to the recent events at ADV, we are unable to offer the prizes we originally stated on the page for Devil May Cry and Gurren Lagann.

For Devil May Cry, we made some substitutions - 1st place will win Devil May Cry 4 Collector's Edition (PS3/Xbox360, Winner's Choice). 2nd place will get the Devil May Cry 1-3 Collection on the PS2. Unfortunately, we had to axe the voter prizes.

Gurren Lagann will be on hold - we'll set a new deadline for it, we just haven't decided when.

So without further ado, the winners!

Devil May Cry
1st place = Lady, from WindoftheStars
2nd place = Dante, from neonlexicon

Tsubasa Chronicle Character Battles
Best Sakura = Splenda
Best Syaoran = aznbassplayer
Best Fai = shuiichibrie
Best Kurogane = maggifan
Best Yuuko = Katie

Tsubasa Chronicle Best Overall = Sakura, from Yuffieleonheart

ACP Judges' Award = Fai from Tohma - Vol. 10 - 14 of Tsubasa Chronicle Manga

As usual, I'll be contacting the winners and the randomly selected voters with information about your stuff. Thanks for participating, and keep checking back for new contests!

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