Happy 8th Birthday ACP!

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Happy 8th Birthday ACP!

Post by Genjitsu » Fri Jan 04, 2008 1:35 pm

Ironically, I'll be away when ACP's birthday hits tomorrow, so if you see either of us on January 4 (1.4.08), be sure to wish ACP a Happy Anniversary!

We always like to revamp ACP every year, improving on what we already have. As decided from a past poll, you wanted it, so you'll get it. So for 2008, the big news will be the return of Codename Cos-Men (a guys only cosplay site), but we'll give it a new make over, including the name. The male counterpart to ACP will be named American Cosplay Experience, or ACE, and will feature a male mascot, aptly named "Ace" (ACP's mascot is "Acy"). ACE will share ACP's search engine, videos, and database, but be a separate site.

The planned official debut time for ACE will be April 1st, which is the reverse of January 4th (ACP's debut date). Prior to that point, we will announce a time for beta testing to all male cosplayers that read my LJ or are friends of current ACP members so we'll have members at ACE on debut day. Keep watch on Wayne's LJ for when you can start working on your profiles. I'll need a lot of guys to join ACE (gotta catch em all), so I will need existing ACP members to help me recruit and build up this new website!

For those not attending ALA or Ohayocon this weekend, I'm counting on you to check ACP this weekend and ID all the photos we get!



Don't forget that we have a mess load of contests, I expect you all to enter for we got some great swag to give away generously donated by ADV and Funimation

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