Happy Holidays from ACP + Three Contests!

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Happy Holidays from ACP + Three Contests!

Post by Genjitsu » Mon Dec 24, 2007 8:48 am

First off, Happy Holidays from ACP - we hope that you are enjoying some time off, or at the least, with family and friends.

I was going to hold off on announcing this until next year, but consider it an early present from us. We're proud to announce a contest for not one, not two, but three great series: Devil May Cry, Gurren Lagann, and Tsubasa Chronicle! ADV and Funimation have been gracious enough to provide the prizes this time around, so I'm more than happy to pass them onto you in exchange for seeing some fantastic entries!

Rules and prizes are on the contest page now:


For the press release and information about the series, please visit the contest thread on our forums:


We are accepting entries now - with cosplay stuff slowing down until January, if you or someone you know has costumes from this series, take this chance to win some cool stuff!

Good luck to everyone, and now I shall find out how much eggnog a human can consume in one day...

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