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Contest Madness!

Post by Genjitsu » Sun Sep 30, 2007 7:42 pm

October is a very special month for cosplayers, with Halloween - it's one of the few times in the year we can legitimately wear our costumes outside a convention or photoshoot! To celebrate, ACP is having not one, not two, but THREE contests!

Two of them are quite appropriate for the season - Hellsing and Fate/Stay Night. Hellsing needs no introduction - between vampires, zombies, and gore that would make the men of 300 blush, it's the perfect series to cosplay this Halloween. Fate/Stay Night is based on the hot-selling PC/PS2 game turned anime series - with a plot tying together historical figures and magic, as well as one of the strongest female anime characters in recent history, it's proven to be fairly popular in the cosplay circuit.

This is also a send-off for Geneon Entertainment, who looks to be exiting out of the anime industry - so let's show our appreciation for their efforts with some awesome costumes!

Lastly, we have a longer running contest, School Rumble. Our friends at Funimation tossed in some prizes, and everybody loves prizes, so why not? The show is quite funny too - it goes back to one of the core archetypes of anime - the high school love comedy/romance. From the constant switching of shounen/shoujo artstyles, to the numerous pairings that have caused Forum Flame Wars (Harima x Erika forever!), to the random parodies, it's got something for everyone.

So there you have it - good luck to everybody that enters, and remember: Who loves you the most? ACP does!

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