AWA 2007 Coverage Up + Video Section Launch

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AWA 2007 Coverage Up + Video Section Launch

Post by Genjitsu » Mon Sep 24, 2007 8:34 am

Just so that it doesn't get hidden by other updates this week, AWA 2007 Contest footage is up in both high and low-res versions:

A fun time was had by all, and thanks to the cosplayers who stopped to say hi to me!

Also, we've finally added a "main" page for our videos:

I know it's been a hassle to get to a specific video you want to see, so no more! You can search for videos by Convention, cosplayer, or specific series. As more and more people visit it, we'll add the usual interesting statistics, like most commented, highest rated, etc. But for now, it's a quick and easy way to find exactly the videos you want.

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