Fruits of our LABOR

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Fruits of our LABOR

Post by Genjitsu » Sun Sep 02, 2007 8:09 pm

Ok, bad joke for Labor Day, but it's true - Wayne hinted at some changes coming to ACP, and we're bringing them up just as a few conventions come to close this weekend!

The cosplayer pages have been changed a bit, to make things look neater and organized. All comments will be viewable on the same page for regular members now. There's also no need to erase old conventions from your list anymore - only upcoming ones will show on your page.

The series page has also been revamped, providing some more nice statistics, and should be faster now too. Lastly, you can rearrange the order of your pictures - I think this is far easier than having to manually specify which one you want to be the "main" picture for your costume.

The biggest changes are for Celestial members - their page now has different ways to sort their costume listings, and their picture limit has been increased to 15 pics to accomodate the new layout.

That's not all though - we're still working on a couple things, so expect MORE stuff by, say, AWA, which is at the end of this month if I remember correctly...

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