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ACP Banned from Youtube (NOT ANYMORE)

Post by Genjitsu » Tue May 08, 2007 6:56 am

Ok, so as some of you have noticed, all our skit videos are no longer available. Yesterday we received a notice from Youtube that our account was permanently disabled at the request of one of the anime companies, due to "copyright infringement".

EDIT - Ok, videos are back up now - many thanks to Youtube staff for working with us on the issue so quickly! I'll leave this little soapbox speech on here, but it's good to see the companies understand our position.

With the growing popularity of Youtube, media companies have been steadily asking them to remove clips of copyrighted material. The anime industry is especially sensitive to this issue, as some idiots have been placing entire fansubs of licensed series on there. My guess is this company's legal department typed the series title into the search box, and did a broad sweep. Unfortunately, our skits happened to be caught in it, and Youtube reviewed and approved the ban.

I've contacted the company directly, and after speaking with their marketing department, it was a misunderstanding; they weren't even aware of our removal, and had no intention of it. We have both contacted Youtube and are now waiting for instructions on how to get our account reinstated. I'm not going to say which company, as I don't want to single them out and falsely put them in a bad light.

So basically just a classic case of lawyers being a little too eager to do their job. I'm really hoping that they can just turn our account back on, as it took months to upload and catalogue all those skits. We'll remain on Youtube for the time being, but I'll also start looking into the possibility of hosting the videos directly on ACP.

I would also advise the anime industry to inform their legal teams to be a little more careful in their searches - I understand the need to protect your intellectual property, but the last thing you want to do is upset the cosplayers, arguably your most enthusiastic supporters.

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