Good Things Come in Threes!

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Good Things Come in Threes!

Post by Genjitsu » Sat Mar 31, 2007 9:03 pm

No April Fools this year - none at all!

Ok, anyways, three new and big things!

I finally finished revamping the entire conventions section. I'm not sure whether the gatherings will be put back up, as they didn't seem all that useful. Instead, cosplayers now have the ability to link their costumes to a specific convention. They will then show on the convention page! Upcoming conventions will also be shown on your page again, and in the next few days, in the forums as well. Unfortunately, in order to get rid of the duplicates I had to change the way they were being entered, so everybody has to add their conventions from scratch.

As some of you may have noticed, ACP has been building a collection of videos on Youtube. We've decided to put it to good use, and integrate it with the site! You'll find them in the conventions and costume series section, labeled as "Skits". ACP Cosplayers will also be able to link their profile to a skit, if they're a part of the cast. They will then be shown on your cosplay page. To see this in action, check out
We'll have a FAQ on the skits/videos soon, and there's still some issues I need to work out with them, but enjoy what we have for now!

Originally we were going to have Rozen Maiden for this month, but I found out that Geneon will be releasing the first DVD in May. So we'll hold off that contest until next month - this way I can see if I can talk to someone at Geneon for any promotional prizes, in addition to the ones I picked up in Japan. So instead, this month will be Kingdom Hearts! Before you go rushing in your entries, be sure to read the rules, as we're making the contest more specific:

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