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Post by Genjitsu » Tue Feb 06, 2007 8:51 pm

So, you may have noticed it's been pretty quiet on the contest front. My personal philosophy is to not have a contest on ACP unless you can offer something more than bragging rights as prizes. Plus I've just been at a lack for ideas, since the stuff I think would make for cool contests is usually too new for most cosplayers.

BUT, I'll be visiting Japan at the end of February. This gives me the opportunity to find Japan-exclusive merchandise of most anime, manga, and game series - in other words, great prize material!

So here's where you, our members come in. I've stickied a thread in the Contests Forums, where you can chime in with series YOU think would make for a good contest on ACP. I'll take a look at the list before I leave, and I'll hunt for merchandise related to the top picks. Of course, there are a few ground rules to suggesting a series - you'll find more details at


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