Winter Cleanup

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Winter Cleanup

Post by Genjitsu » Sun Dec 03, 2006 3:19 pm

In an effort to clean up various things about ACP before the New Year, we're going to be erasing all PENDING profiles, costumes, and pictures on Saturday, December 9.

Now before everybody panics, what pending means is anyone who hasn't been approved and is in the cosplayer listings on ACP. As you know from the rules, ACP requires at least two costumes before your profile is activated and showing. A lot of people submit just one costume, and then for some reason or another forget about it. This means we have a bunch of pictures and information just sitting in limbo and taking up space.


1) If you're already listed on ACP and your profile says "ACTIVE" in the tools page, you're fine!
2) If your profile is still in pending status, submit a second costume so we can activate your profile before Saturday!

Any questions just PM me.

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