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Unintentionally Anonymous Donations

Posted: Wed May 18, 2005 8:23 pm
by Genjitsu
First off, much love and thanks and assorted acts of intimacy to all donators who help keep ACP up. Please remember, however, to include your username if you are sending a donation in to upgrade your membership. I'll check the paypal e-mail address to see if it's in our member list, but if it isn't then I don't know who it's supposed to go to. I send out an e-mail to the paypal address, but I know some people never check it. Anyways, I've had a couple of these this month, so if you've donated and haven't been upgraded, please PM or e-mail me so I can make sure.

Don't want people to think that we scam you of your money or anything like that. After all, everybody knows I use the donations to buy peanut butter cookies and leave an IOU slip in a jar...