Don't I feel like a bum...

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Don't I feel like a bum...

Post by Genjitsu » Sun Feb 27, 2005 8:54 pm

So, I announce the store functions, am all proud and everything, only to find out two weeks later that everything works with my account, but no one else's. So I went in and fixed some stuff, and orders should be going through normally now.

If you see something broken on this site, don't assume I know about it! Please let me know through the forums, or through e-mail - I usually take care of them fairly quickly. Many thanks to Mage and Ashleyv for pointing out the current problems with the store orders. With that taken care of, there's still another small addition to be made to the site, and then I'll work on poor ICE.

Oh, and Megacon was pretty interesting - well, as interesting as it can get for the 30 minutes I was allowed. I wasn't planning on going originally, but by coincidence I had work up in that area. I only managed to make it in the last half hour before it closed on Saturday, and then had to drive home on Sunday. It was great to see a strong cosplay presence at a sci-fi con though!

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