San Diego Comic Con 2014 Report

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San Diego Comic Con 2014 Report

Post by waynekaa » Tue Sep 09, 2014 4:48 pm

On Thursday we had our official Naruto cosplayer join for the SHONEN
JUMP PRESENTS: NARUTO Panel with the special guests from both Bandai
Namco and VIZ Media. The featured guest was the Japanese voice actress for Naruto Uzumaki, Junko Takeuchi. The panel room
was at full capacity and many fans expressed their love of Naruto by
wearing Naruto gear or cosplay during the panel. Even executives from
Bandai Namco who weren't involved in the Naruto franchise were there
to enjoy the panel. The Naruto cosplayer was there to help with the
prizes as well as passing out goodies in the beginning keeping
everyone hyped up for the panel. The panel was a in depth look at the
Naruto franchise from the series, to the game and even the figures.

In addition to the Shonen Jump activities, VIZ media was also actively promoting the release of a remastered Ranma 1/2 in manga and DVD/BD formats. The promotion involved Ranma 1/2 cosplayers at Viz Booth all weekend long giving out exclusive aluminum water bottles for playing the special Plinko game "Which cursed spring did you fall in?" at the booth.
Here are a few photos with our Ranma 1/2 cosplayers ... A8pyhaRZWo ... _774484&s=

Funimation had great giveaways the whole weekend with advertisements
for Super Saiyan God Goku exclusive paper hair which was worn by
attendees from all ages. This event was to promote the screening of Dragon Ball Z: Battle of the Gods Movie that would be showing in select theatres and be coming to home distribution.

During the weekend we witnessed such large crowds at the Walking Dead autograph signing, it got so crowded at the Funimation booth had to close off one part of the booth to keep people from crowding
just to take photos. There was even a man who passed out in the crowd
from heat exhaustion from the crowd which called for an ER to clear
the crowd immediently. Gladly SDCC knows how to handle situations fast
and quick.

It was another great year for San Diego Comic Con, there are never big
lines to get badges and moves pretty smooth every year. The only
downside to this year was the San Diego weather which was a bit hot
and humid for the weekend. We look forward to what next year will

More photos of SDCC can be viewed
Wayne of AGSMA

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