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New York Comic Con 2013 Convention Report

Posted: Fri Nov 22, 2013 8:05 am
by waynekaa
New York Comic Con 2013
This year at New York Comic Con they used a scan in and out badge
system to prevent badge loaning abuse. It did take people more time to
get in and out, but only in the morning. The rest of the day was pretty

smooth with that system and we witnessed how much easier it was for them to take out those who refuse to buy a badge.

This year we were staying in a hotel not too far from the convention
center which served free breakfast. The walk to and from made it much
easier this year. However, NYCC cordoned off walkways and streets to those who did not possess exhibitor badges which made it a little bit more difficult to get in and out.

On the first day, badges were given out and everyone had to take time
to register their own badges before using it. It was interesting to
observe the long attendee lines which were separated from the
Pro/Guest/Exhibitors/Press. They also had increased security check for
bags that every individual brought in.

Highlight for the day was the Kill la Kill Gathering at Daisuki. It
may have been a new anime but the fans are already loving it! ... 22&s=17546

They were well received and we look forward to more Kill la Kill fans
next con season! Perhaps Anime LA?

The memorable part on Friday was the Ranma Panel where fans from all
ages come to reminiscence about one of the very first unique anime.
The panel included a lot of old merchandising, how the manga/comics
were presented, and the different in the old animated version to HD.

The Eva 3.0 Premiere that same night was had a full house and packed as

well. It's always nice to see dedicated fans wait to attend their
favorite premieres.

The highlight of Saturday was the Dangan Ronpa Gathering which was
probably one of the most popular gatherings of the weekend at Daisuki.

Fans were very excited to take photos of the Dangan Ronpa cosplayers
that showed up at the Daisuki stage.

Saturdays are always busy, but the Ranma Gathering was also a popular group

that fans came to take photos of at the Viz booth. ... 8642&s=370

The night ended with the Viz Anime Panel which presented a lot of
sneak peaks of announcements. One that caught our attention the most
was the announcement of the world premiere of the Tiger & Bunny: The
Rising. We are very excited to see this play in theaters near us at
the same time when it releases for Japan.

This day was our goodbye from New York Comic Con and it was very
interesting this year with the new badge system. We look forward what
next year brings to us. Most of the weekend was taking coverage of our
Events with Industries but we did get a handful of coverage during the
weekend which can be viewed