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PMX 2013 Convention Report

Posted: Sun Nov 17, 2013 8:40 am
by waynekaa
Pacific Media Expo 2013

PMX is a local convention that happens in the Los Angeles area after the major summer convention gauntlet is over making it ideal for those cosplayers who showcase their costumes that they might not have finished properly. PMX as its name suggestions, isn't just another anime convention, but this also means it is less focused that other conventions. View it as a buffet and there should be something for everyon. This year it happened over Veteran's Day weekend at the LAX Hilton, where it has been for the past few years. Unfortunately, it was conflicted with another regional show Blizzcon, which arguably has a different audience. In addition, Blizzcon tickets sold out months before for the Anaheim convention center, and at a much higher price while PMX was still offering discounts close to the event. That appears to have worked since parking at the LAX Hilton was consistently sold out, making attendees have to park elsewhere closeby (Usually the airport shuttle locations).

PMX registration is a breeze and easy to get through. The LAX Hilton has notoriously bad reception in the lobby, where people like to meet, so you have to walk outside or go to your hotel room in order to get reception. The two main events for PMX were the BACK ON concert Friday and the Masquerade Saturday night. Yes the masquerade was Saturday night instead of being on Sunday afternoon. In addition, PMX masquerade offers cash prizes and some nice gift bags. For example, if you competed, you had a chance to win this Panty and Stocking Alter statue: ... ter-01.jpg
Despite that, there were 13 entries for the masquerade and we hope that more apply next year, since the prizing is excellent.
Videos of the masquerade, HD on and lowres on Youtube are available now

The masquerade also featured the halftime performances of Mikarin and Angel Hearts, come watch those at your leisure too!

Photo coverage is available here, and you are welcome to submit your own coverage of PMX:

Overall : PMX is a nice small convention that occurs in the fall on an annual basis and still provides a nice venue for cosplayers to get together in between the large conventions like AX and ALA.