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ACParadise at E3 convention report!

Posted: Thu Jul 25, 2013 7:46 pm
by waynekaa
E3 2013 Report

EA Highlight : Dragon Age : Inquisition preview demo released. Showed the return of Morrigan and Varric in the chaotic war of the Templars and Mages. ... fHxhG37aUg

Plants and Zombies and Titan Fall was previewed as well.

Saints Row Highlight : The demo booth was next to the Square Enix playable demos. The whole presidential display was absolutely eye catching and trying the demo at hand, the gameplay has smoothly improved both graphics and the amount of craziness you can achieve in the game.

Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate Highlight : The demo showed the return of Ein, Leon and the add on of Jacky from Virtual Fighter. The game is upgraded not only from character but different outfits will be added into the game.

Dead Rising 2 Highlight : Zombies were roaming in the cage to preview the new Dead Rising 2. It was a unique concept. ... fHxlW37aUg

Castlevania Lord of Shadow 2 Highlight : The display Konami had for Castlevania was very realistic. And trying the demo the game play is much smoother than the first game. I am looking forward to how the game will play out in completion. ... fHxm237aUg

Aksys Highlight : Magus was announced at E3 2013 where a prisoner named Kinna leads to Magus who escapes and learns to control his new powers. BlazBlue: Chronophantasma was also shown in a trailer. Very excited to see the development of the upcoming games Aksys will release!

Overall : Majority of the big named companies seemed to have place a big budget out for displays this year for the fellow gamers and press. This E3 was very exciting with all the playable demos and previews. I'm personally waiting for more news about Dragon Age, BlazBlue and Saints Row IV.

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