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Cosplayer Casting Call for K at Anime Expo 2013

Posted: Mon May 20, 2013 5:47 pm
by waynekaa
Viz Media is trying to make a big splash for K by bringing some popular guests, so they'd like to welcome them with cosplayers from the anime! We'll be passing out special items to attendees, and also holding an event for the guests, The Kings' Game!

Cosplayers will need to have costumes from the K anime series. From highest to lowest priority of characters: Kings (Red, White, Blue), Neko, everyone else. Commitment time is expected to be 4 hours Thursday - Sunday, and badges are included. Cosplayers must have photos of their K cosplay uploaded to by June 21, 2013 for review.
Limited to ACParadise cosplayers only with uploaded photos of their costumes on
We'll have more information as time passes.