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Katsucon Cosplayer Casting Call!

Posted: Thu Jan 10, 2013 8:11 am
by waynekaa
FUNimation is trying something different this year, and hosting a suite for fans of! Drinks and snacks will be provided, as well as possibly exclusive showings or items that won’t be available on the convention floor or any of the panels. We need some cosplayers to help liven up the suite!

ACParadise is casting for cosplayers to host a FUNimation suite at Katsucon

We are particularly interested in cosplay from
1) A Certain Scientific Railgun,
2) Heavens Lost Property,
3) Black Butler,
4) Hetalia,
5) Haganai
But other FUNimation properties that would be good hosts, such as Ouran High School Host Club, would be welcome as well!

Badges will be provided and swag, so sign up today, entrants will be limited!