Problem Users, Off Topic, Spam and O_o threads

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Problem Users, Off Topic, Spam and O_o threads

Post by waynekaa » Sun Oct 31, 2004 8:27 pm

If you feel that there was a post that is:
1. Inappropriate content (violates terms of service/offensive etc.)
2. Completely off topic (nothing to do with cosplay)
4. Duplicated

Please send the URL of the thread to either waynekaa
or genjitsu by PM
And we'll have a take a look at it and either
1. Move it to the right place
2. Delete it
At my discretion.
This should help clean up any problem posts here and keep this place clean and safe for everyone! Thanks for your help!

In addition, if someone's avatar/signature/whatever is to huge, or the user is violating terms of service, send the URL to the profile of that user via PM to us and we'll take care of it too.

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