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Announcing American Cosplay Fotoshop!

Posted: Sun Apr 01, 2012 10:07 am
by waynekaa
Think your cosplay is awesome? Good for you! But let us tell you a little secret: It can get better, and improving it is much easier than you think. Thanks to the power of TECHNOLOGY, you and your cosplay can look better than you ever imagined.

The future is now, with American Cosplay Fotoshop (ACF)
Make sure you upload some photos as raw material! People can’t shoop if there aren’t any requests! If you're good at the shoop, then show off your mad skills on everyone!

How ACF Works
1. Submit a cosplay photo that you would like improved
2. ACF Users will submit their fotoshops of your cosplay photo
3. Fotoshops will be rated by other users and given a LOL (Legendary Outstandingly Lovely!) or FFU (Frankly Fairly Underwhelming)
4. Pick the fotoshops you like, or the one with the most LOLs
5. Profit!