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Happy Anniversary to ACParadise! My Videos released!

Posted: Wed Jan 04, 2012 6:16 pm
by waynekaa
We are announcing a new section to your ACParadise control panel for our Anniversary,
Obviously this applies to videos that we have on our server that you have been tagged to.
You can watch, and review hits and comment tallies from this page

But that's not all,
Thanks to a suggestion by CeruleanDraco you can now tag specific costumes to videos that you were tagged in. You can only link one costume to a video, so if you did a fancy costume change, pick the costume you want featured for that video.
Now the video page will show your featured costume under the name

And when you click the costume, you can see what skits it was involved in (Find that in the About Costume Section)

If you have masquerade videos of a convention that we don't have, and don't mind an ACParadise watermark on them for being hosted on our server, feel free to contact us, however you need to have coverage of the entire masquerade to qualify for consideration.