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Sakura-con 2011 Convention Report

Posted: Wed May 04, 2011 9:27 am
by waynekaa
Sakura Con was held in Washington State Convention and Trade Center. Easy to get to from the Sea-Tac airport by metrorail. However one of the stops was down so we had to walk a little bit extra to get to the convention center. The venue is held in Downtown Seattle where they have wonderful restaurants near the harbor with fresh fish and delicious signature clam chowder. True to it's name, there are sakura trees all over the city, and they were in bloom in beautiful pink blossoms. At night time the highlights was the Gameworks arcade across from the convention center for attendees to extend their gaming needs to the maximum. The Gameworks had the latest games including Sangokushi Taisen.

Starting off the day, it was all Durarara!! all weekend, along with Working!! and little bit of Toradora. Cosplays at Sakura Con are also very massive in variations of series and character.

Highlight of the Day : ... 04&s=10001 We found someone cosplaying from Resonance of Fate down to the last detail.

And here is some of the Working!! girls with a Toradorable! ... 720&s=2647

The biggest difference between Sakura-con and other conventions we have attended was the Masquerade being held in the morning at 10AM. However, that didn't stop cosplayers from participating.

Best in Show :
Full Masquerade :

Highlight of the Day : Durarara!! Hand made scarves! ... 88&s=17546

At night we checked out the gaming room of Sakura-con and surprised to find that the arcade systems are actually free there. No wonder so many attendees squat a space to play Street Fighter IV and BlazBlue! The console gaming also had a lot of variety with different systems
and games.

Sunday : On the last day, cosplayers and photographers still enjoyed every last minute of the convention. The convention was very enjoyable and it helped there was good food in walkable distance. We will look forward what the next year brings.

Highlight of the Day : ... 75&s=17546
Amazing amount of attendees every day. Even to the last day.