HIT THE DECK. American Cosplay DUEL (ACD)

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HIT THE DECK. American Cosplay DUEL (ACD)

Post by waynekaa » Fri Apr 01, 2011 8:50 am

You're not too cool for DUEL with the latest from ACParadise, American Cosplay Duel!

We're introducing a whole new Cosplay Card Game (CCG) where cosplayers compete in a Best of Show-DOWN.
How did we come up with ACD?
We simply played Polymerization, fusing together CCGs and our awesome cosplay database!
We're currently beta testing so be sure report any bugs you might find to our LJ http://acparadise.livejournal.com/127170.html.
Starter decks will be released centered around a convention, and you'll be able to collect cosplayers from around that region! Fanime Decks will include Imari, Lionboogy, Sozokureed. NYAF Decks will have the Yeu clan, and Muy Bueno Mario. Of course Katsucon starter decks will come with Snowstorm.
Release of our initial wave of Starter Decks and Boosters will be anticipated for Summer 2011!

For more details:
Wayne of AGSMA

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