Durarara Scavenger Hunt Tasks!

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Durarara Scavenger Hunt Tasks!

Post by waynekaa » Thu Oct 07, 2010 4:45 pm

The first 100 to complete required themed tasks based on Durarara!! characters each day, and you will be eligible for a complete 4-card postcard set of Durarara!! courtesy of Aniplex. Be sure to bring your cellphones and digital cameras, because you’ll need them to play! Everyone who plays the scavenger hunt can turn in their photos to be featured on the Durarara!! USA Facebook for all the world to see. Be sure to read the rules below.

Next to each item is a character name. There will be official Durarara!! cosplayers roaming the exhibitor hall at NYAF/NYCC to help you complete the task! To help you, they will be carrying a “Lost Things” sign and a notebook. Write down what you’re looking for in the notebook! Or just leave a doodle/note for the Durarara!! cast. If you need help looking for cosplayers, visit http://www.durararausa.com/characters/ for clues.

1. What are the Scavenger Hunt Items? (also available at http://www.acparadise.com)
-Text 4 different people “Attn Dollars! Come to the Aniplex Booth #1605 at NYAF to promote Durarara!!” and show us sent message (Mikado Ryugamine)
-Photo of yourself next to three people wearing yellow (Masaomi Kida)
-Photo of yourself with a samurai sword hidden in your left sleeve (Anri Sonohara)
-Photo of Izaya stomping your cellphone with you looking shocked (Izaya Orihara)
-Photo of Shizuo “throwing” a vending machine or traffic sign at you (Shizuo Heiwajima)
-Photo of yourself holding four different DVD titles that originate from Aniplex. (Erika Karisawa/Walker Yumasaki)
-Photo of yourself sitting on the front bumper of a van (Kadota Kyohei)
-Citation Ticket, from the Ikebukuro Traffic Police Force (Kinnosuke Kuzuhara)
-Photo of sushi, with russian text next to it (Simon Brezhnev)
-Photo of yourself next to a black motorcycle (Celty Sturluson)
-Photo of yourself being “operated on” by someone in a white lab coat and glasses (Shinra Kishitani)
-Find Siri, the girl with the “Lost Things” sign, and take a photo of yourself writing in her notebook. (Siri)

Once you completed these tasks, come back to the Aniplex Booth at NYAF #1605 and find the Durarara!! cosplayer to verify your items and redeem your prize! Limit one complete postcard set per person.

Only photos/texts/tickets taken during the times of Scavenger Hunt Operation will be valid on that day. In other words, tasks completed on Friday will not be valid on Saturday. Tasks completed before the official start time also do not count.
Hours of Scavenger Hunt Operation:
Friday, October 8, 2010 1 PM - 7 PM EST
Saturday, October 9, 2010 12 PM - 6 PM EST

For the full rules, visit here:
Wayne of AGSMA

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