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by Glitchy
Mon Jul 09, 2007 6:46 pm
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Topic: L from Death Note
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1) Include some reference pictures in your post. Not everyone knows what death note is.

2) Wigs are your friend.
by Glitchy
Wed Jun 27, 2007 5:18 pm
Forum: Skits / Groups / Teams
Topic: Critique our Skit: CLiche
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Critique our Skit: CLiche

This is a skit that was preformed for Anime Nebraskon 2006 by our previously unnamed cosplay group, Number Q Cosplay. It was written by the three of us, but I wish to hear opininons on it. Although we have already preformed it, I'm wondering if this will be one we repreform on a 'Closed Set' and upl...