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Comic-Con / San Diego Comic Con International 2014 (7/24/14 - 7/27/14)
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    Soul_Siren said:
    "Very pretty and unique!"

    hildechan said:

    jetspectacular said:

    hildechan said:

    jetspectacular said:
    "he was having so much fun!! XD"

    jetspectacular said:
    "That moment when the chara designer for the show strips at the cosplay gathering....SU SHI OOOOOOOOOO"

    jetspectacular said:
    "P--Prince Satsuki...!!!"

    jetspectacular said:
    "THAT MUG aahahahaaaa"

    Bstra-chan said:
    "Such detail! It looks like Luchia stepped right out of the manga!"

    Imari-chan said:
    "Right? Lol, I regret not giving him an ACP card."

    jetspectacular said:
    "ohoho someone PLEASE ID THIS GUY~~~!! love the photo!"

    Timothy McKann said:
    "You're a beautiful Cinderella."

    Timothy McKann said:
    "You girls look very hot in those costumes.I even watched the series on Blu-Ray when I bought it,and it was truly the best."

    Wendy-Marvell said:
    "wow this is me :o"

    RaptorDan said:
    "I love the picture!!!"