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    hildechan said:

    Ataraxia said:
    "Beautiful shot!"

    hildechan said:
    "aww yeh"

    hildechan said:
    "Oooh, very nice!"

    pasnraine said:
    "omg it is a picture of me and my friend in these costumes! I havent found any until now!!! Would it be ok for me to save and share this picture? Ill make sure to give you credit and link to you!"

    Setsuna Mitzukai said:
    "Thank you~"

    Athel said:
    "Love this photo set! The location, cosplay, everything is wonderful. :D"

    lunaladyoflight said:
    "Yay Blood and Elliot!"

    lunaladyoflight said:

    Soul_Siren said:
    "Very pretty and unique!"

    hildechan said:

    jetspectacular said:

    hildechan said:

    jetspectacular said:
    "he was having so much fun!! XD"

    jetspectacular said:
    "That moment when the chara designer for the show strips at the cosplay gathering....SU SHI OOOOOOOOOO"