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Anime Expo 2013
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This event is finished, no volunteers needed.
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Magi Labyrinth of Magic

Description: We heard that Magi is kind of popular on the West Coast, so we'll be holding a Magi cosplay gathering and event at the Aniplex Booth!

Magi Cosplay Gathering
We'll be having the official Aniplex Magi cosplay gathering, where our cosplayers will be showing off all their outfits. At the end of the gathering, we'll also have fun little game where Aladdin, Judar, and Sinbad will help choose the King of AX!

Location: This will take place at the Aniplex Booth 901 on Thursday, July 4th 3:00-3:45pm

Volunteer Info: Cosplayers must have a costume from the Magi series. As of right now, badges are not available unless you can commit to being at the booth a certain number of hours, but we will update as we get closer to the convention.

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