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Alex Hendrix
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I am Alex Hendrix (Waffles Inc. Photography) and I am a professional photographer (in training). I believe that everything in life can be beautiful, and that, as a photographer, it is my job to showcase that beauty. I prefer to photograph people, as I like to connect with my subjects during a photo shoot. Let’s be honest, trees just aren’t great listeners. I work hard to make sure each individual enjoys his/her photo shoot, and walks away with a smile on his/her face. I have a special passion for cosplay photography, as well. There is no greater feeling to me than photographing interesting people. I am always amazed by the amount of effort a cosplayer puts into his/her outfit, and it is always my pleasure to showcase his/her hard work. I am fairly new to my field (nearing the end of my first year), but I am always learning and researching to improve my photos. I look forward to photographing you, Alex Hendrix
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