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My name's Scott Williams and photography's been a life-long interest. For the past 10 years I've been shooting stereographic images exclusively. In general, I shoot 'documentary-style' by capturing all facets of the events I attend. My cosplay photography started at the 2007 GeekKon event and in 2011 I added Anime Central to my calendar. Private photoshoots will be my next cosplay goal. With them I hope to make use of 3D as a means to best showcase the costumes/characters. The reason I shoot has always been for the pleasure of creating the image, and I've never charged for my photos. If you see me at a con please approach me for a photo request or to arrange a shoot. - NOTE: My images include 3D versions in 'cross-view' format. To view them stereoscopically you would open the image, look directly at the center and slowly cross your eyes until the separate images come together in the middle. Relax your vision a bit and you should (hopefully) see them fuse together in 3D.
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