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Photographer Blossom-Moon
Hello My name is Satsuki Yuuhi Ramius. I'm begin My photography debut in year 2007. I was supposed begin My debut in year 2006, however at that time I didn't bring camera. Fusion Matsuri 2006 is My first event! I still remember the warmth in My heart when I attending it. 2007-- The year where I debuted, I borrow my aunt camera, also the year where I realize a photographer for cosplayer do exist after I have account on DeviantArt. And finally in year 2009 I have a camera! Words cannot describe how happy I am! Thanks to cosplay, I met a lot of wonderful people which gave me an inspiration and a huge impact in My life! I'm really grateful. However, I still need to learn =) Thank You so much for visiting My page :D

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omgyaystars says, "aauwww, digibrothers! c:"
For Photo from Digimon Adventure by Blossom-Moon