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Rodney JG
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I enjoy taking pictures of cosplayers because they are passionate. It is great seeing their faces light up when we work together to make a great shot. I attend many of the conventions in California so if you are interested in a photoshoot send me a message. www.facebook.com/rodneyjgphotos
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Mr.Gloo says, "O__O wahhh i love this <3"
For Photoshoot: Pokemon
Eliteslayer says, "Oops, sorry, posted this on the photo page instead of finding the cosplayer page. My bad."
For Photoshoot: FullMetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
Eliteslayer says, "I remember seeing you at AD - I complimented your Greed!Ling and mentioned I'm working on classic!Greed. Hope to see you around sometime!"
For Photoshoot: FullMetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
rodneyjgphotos says, "Thanks that's what I was going for."
For Photoshoot: Vampire Knight
The Cool Alchemist says, "Nice moodiness."
For Photoshoot: Vampire Knight