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Photographer elleontheradio
I am a (relatively) new cosplay photographer from that weird part of Illinois that isn't Chicago. I absolutely adore doing photo shoots at conventions but shooting on location outside of conventions can be fun too~! Please feel free to message me if you'd like to book a shoot.

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    Recent Comments
    Nakiazhi says, "I knew they could loved each other! Jace and Chandra wouldnt be able to fight each other as well otherwise!"
    For Photo from Magic: The Gathering by elleontheradio

    elleontheradio says, "You're welcome~! And, again, thanks so much for shooting with me. I hope we can shoot together again at some point."
    For Sailor Moon photographed by elleontheradio

    PrincessWolf says, "Hey thanks for the photoshoot. I really appreciate it."
    For Sailor Moon photographed by elleontheradio