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Hello! I'm a photographer based in San Jose, CA. My home convention is FanimeCon and I've been going there since they moved to Foothill College over a decade ago. As of 2011, I'll start uploading my photos here as well as my Photobucket, Facebook, and DA! Oh, and profile photo taken by BlizzardTerrak
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SeekingElegance says, "OOPS. That miiiight have been me. My bad. D: "
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Stormfalcon says, "The erroneous tags have been removed. Again, thanks for letting me know so I could deal with them."
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Stormfalcon says, "Thanks for letting us know. If I can figure out a way to remove the tag, I'll do so. They just don't make it easy to figure out how to do it (if it's even possible)"
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Akai says, "I am happy there was another LUna cosplayer....but this sadly isn't me @_@"
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Stormfalcon says, "Thanks for taking the time to pose for me! :D"
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