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I think some winged Fairy in a pink shirt and glasses drinking tasty beverages told me to sign up for this... Wait, was that a dream? *I hardly ever update, just wanted to thank Wayne for helping out!
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DBrewster says, "I was the lead animator on Crysta on the first Ferngully. To date, this is the best version of Crysta I have seen. "
For Photoshoot: Fern Gully
Chrisscreama says, "hehe fun!"
For Gallery: Dragon*Con 2012
JuriWishes says, "omg it is a picture of me and my friend in these costumes! I havent found any until now!!! Would it be ok for me to save and share this picture? Ill make sure to give you credit and link to you!"
For Gallery: Anime Matsuri 2013
Bstra-chan says, "Such detail! It looks like Luchia stepped right out of the manga!"
For Gallery: World Cosplay Summit 2009
mistywaterdrop says, "Oh my gosh!! LJinto!!! You took such an amazing picture of me in this cosplay! I just found it now and I am swooning. I just wanted to let you know you have made my whole week. Lots of love!! <3 "
For Gallery: OhayoCon 2010