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Photographer Chocochick
I'm an amatuer photographer, trying to improve. I also have an ACP page. Enjoy :D

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Recent Comments
Natalie says, "this is my favorite omg omg omg. I'd be creepin' on dem thighs if I were there that's for sure. awwwwww yeah"
For Photo from Persona 4 by Chocochick

etaru says, "These are all so so beautiful! The natural lighting really brings out the contrast of the wig to the dark fabric. Thank you so much <33"
For Photo from Final Fantasy VI by Chocochick

_AyraTenou_ says, "awsome :3"
For Photo from Code Geass by Chocochick

waynekaa says, "SO MUCH HOT"
For Photo from No More Heroes by Chocochick