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Photographer toomuchjesse
Call me Jesse Young aka Cosplay Hunter. Cosplay hunting is my game but I don't go to cosplay contests because that is cheating. I only take pictures of cosplayers in the open and not hiding for the contests. Feel free to tag the cosplayer, series, or yourself. If you find me, feel free to ask for your picture and tell me your cosplay name to tag you. I am honestly probably a fan of yours but when you cosplay as different characters I wont reconize you.

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Recent Comments
waynekaa says, "You should start up a cosplay profile so you can tag yourself to photos!"
For Gallery Photo by toomuchjesse

keannacakes says, "Also, I seriously had to go to the effort of making an account, simply to make that comment ^."
For Gallery Photo by toomuchjesse

keannacakes says, "This is me..."
For Gallery Photo by toomuchjesse

BloodyCoffee says, "haha, this is me and my cosplay group 8) Kanda Yu: Taysies123 (on Deviantart) Lenalee Lee: Plazticsun (on Deviantart) Allen Walker: KasperChan1 (on Deviantart) Lavi: BloodyCoffee >melol8)< (on Deviantart) Thanks for the shot 8D The Kanda cosp"
For Gallery Photo by toomuchjesse