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Hi all. I’ve been cosplaying, and taking photos of Cosplay ;) since 2004. I convention hop around the world whenever I get holidays from the dreaded thing known as ‘work’. I don’t have many photoshoots as most of the cosplayers I know are in Melbourne, Victoria and spread across North America while I’m stuck in Canberra with work. I have a heap of photos from the conventions I’ve been to though ^_^.
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Himeno says, ":) I don't use facebook..."
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Kukie says, "hey the Yuuko is me! my facebook is facebook.com/kukiesiren :D"
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ParanoidScream says, "Hello, this is me"
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NeptuneFanatic says, "Thank you so much for the pictures! I was looking for some of myself and was extremely excited to see these! Very much appreciated!"
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ParanoidScream says, "HI! That's me =)"
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