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Photographer Darkain
I like cookies! - Please Using English

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Recent Comments
tempestsilvermoon says, "Wow! Beautiful shot!"
For Photo from Final Fantasy X by Darkain

Fire Lily says, "Thank you so much for getting pics of our skit!!!"
For Gallery Photo by Darkain

Die says, "Imari is TOOOOOOO cute with that wig, omg"
For ACParadise Mascots (ACP/ACE/ACS) photographed by Darkain

kapalaka says, "Oh wow! I didn't get to see this in person. The costume is impressive!"
For Gallery Photo by Darkain

kapalaka says, "There you are! I got home and couldn't remember your online name! Thanks a lot for taking a shoot of my Gwen! I love the shot you posted. :D"
For Gallery by Darkain