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Randomly taking pictures.
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Zip says, "Yay! Tagged you. You made a really cute Acchan!"
For Gallery: Katsucon 2015
Suzuna Karin says, "I am the one on the very left!"
For Gallery: Katsucon 2015
cadyhannah says, "This is me! I am this cosplayer. It was for AWA 2013. http://instagram.com/p/e23KleSNoC/"
For Gallery: Anime Weekend Atlanta 2013
BlindCalliope says, "I logged in just to say ilu Zip and these are fantastic."
For Photoshoot: Attack on Titan
whyworryyourlifeaway says, "I was Flame Princess umu"
For Gallery: Hoshicon / UNCC JAMS Spring Expo 2013