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Hello, I'm ZiggyB and I'm a photographer. I attend mostly CA conventions. I started out as a cosplayer, but I mostly do photos now.
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TheDapperMan says, "Such a good book. Can't believe these costumes. So intricate."
For Photoshoot: Looking Glass Wars, The
Annissë says, "Now this one is DEFINATELY full of awesome!!! Love it! :X"
For Photoshoot: Watchmen, The
Annissë says, "I don't which one of Shea I like best... all of them! but this is my FAV. I just love the city night background and her look. Gorgeous!"
For Photoshoot: Watchmen, The
Annissë says, "I LOVE LOVE LOVE this shot! Thanks so much Oscar! ;D"
For Photoshoot: Watchmen, The
waynekaa says, "I like how the shadows are used. Nice work Zig!"
For Photoshoot: Disgaea