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Photographer frogtographer
Thanks to Brocas for my profile pic.

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Recent Comments
Ali says, "Yeah, this is totally my favorite. Absolutely gorgeous photo!"
For Photo from Code Geass by frogtographer

Aria says, "Words will never fully express how much I love these pictures <3!!!"
For Glee photographed by frogtographer

jetspectacular says, "Karen you have THE BEST expressions. These are such great, whimsical photos!!"
For Ouran High School Host Club photographed by frogtographer

Saravana says, "EPIC CAFE. It was fun watching you guys get this shot."
For Photo from Doctor Who by frogtographer

Rukia-Hitachiin says, "Agreed! Great setting and great costume! Very accurate! :D"
For How to Train Your Dragon photographed by frogtographer