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Salutations. I do photo coverage for American Cosplay Paradise/Experience (ACP/ACE). I'll post photoshoots here when I don't want to flood the ACP/ACE convention coverage. P.S. I may or may not be using my camera to capture your soul. Try not to think too much about it.
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Jo Luffiro Sauce says, "Thanks for the photo~"
For Gallery: Pacific Media Expo 2015
Little Keiko says, "I'm the Madoka from KawaiiKos!"
For Gallery: Anime LA 2015
kawaiikos says, "This is our cosplay group, KawaiiKos"
For Gallery: Anime LA 2015
Raindrop says, "Vanille is me! Snow is StormCloud Tifa is Kuroneko Luck Sephiroth is Pwnstar Runner I think I may be the only one with an ACP account though..."
For Gallery: FanimeCon 2014
Raja Migurosen says, "Sweet costume. Those pauldrons look great. "
For Gallery: FanimeCon 2014