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    Reviews for Arda Wigs
    1. Rating: 5 / 5.00

      Wig: Eowyn (Used for Eriya from Vision of Escaflowne)

    2. Rating: 4 / 5.00

      Wig: Magnum (Used for Prince Gumball from Adventure Time with Finn and Jake)

    3. Rating: 5 / 5.00

      Wig: Magnum Long (Used for Akane Owari from Super Dangan Ronpa 2)

      I love Arda's wigs they're so easy to style and they're thick too

    4. Rating: 5 / 5.00

      Wig: Magnum (Used for Trish Una from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure)

    5. Rating: 5 / 5.00

      Wig: Cady (Used for Subway Boss Ingo from Pokemon)

    6. Rating: 5 / 5.00

      Wig: Magnum Long (Used for Merle from Vision of Escaflowne)

    7. Rating: N/A

      Wig: Eowyn (Used for Cordelia from Cucumber Quest)

      Jacaranda styled the wigs. I think she moved the part?

    8. Rating: N/A

      Wig: Le Tigre Long (Used for Peridot from Cucumber Quest)

      Jacaranda took care of cutting the bangs in and styling the wig.

    9. Rating: N/A

      Wig: Jaguar (Used for Kankri Vantas from MS Paint Adventures / Homestuck)

      Styled and belonging to Jacaranda.

    10. Rating: 5 / 5.00

      Wig: Le Tigre Long (Used for Galatea from Claymore)

      One of the very first Le Tigre's Arda ever made when they started up. Very thick and wonderful and brilliant single-tone color. NOT similar to their current new Le Tigre platinum blonde model.

    11. Rating: 5 / 5.00

      Wig: Eowyn (Used for Envy Adams from Scott Pilgrim)

    12. Rating: 4 / 5.00

      Wig: Blue Steele (Used for Catherine from Catherine)

      The Blue Steele is quite thin in back... but nobody is looking back there.

    13. Rating: 4 / 5.00

      Wig: Eowyn (Used for Alice from Alice: Madness Returns)

    14. Rating: N/A

      Wig: Jeannie (Used for Porom from Final Fantasy IV: The After Years)

      This is the new Jeannie build. The most obvious difference is the addition of a partial skin top, which DOES NOT go to the front of the wig, so you still cannot split the bangs naturally.
      The cap is still way too big for me.
      The hair on the sides and front are now really thin and show the cap base and netting. The hair in the back is soooooo thick, the clip doesn't actually fit over that fat ponytail. The ponytail thickness is remarkable considering most of the inner layers are now super short (about 1 inch long and curly). The old build was way nicer, despite the lack of skin top.

      The ponytail is now thinner and layered. The top isn't very rounded and shows too much of the shape of the clip. The old ponytail build was also waaaaaay better.

    15. Rating: N/A

      Wig: Katinka (Used for Etoh from Record of Lodoss Wars)

      The wig cap is way too big for me. I love the color, though!

    16. Rating: N/A

      Wig: Adam (Used for Oddler from Shining Force II)

      The cap is way too big for me.

    17. Rating: 5 / 5.00

      Wig: Luthien (Used for Starfire from DC Comics)

      The luthein has a horrible habit of tangling, more so than the straight Arda wigs - but they still look beautiful and were easy to work with.

    18. Rating: 5 / 5.00

      Wig: Eowyn (Used for Lucy Heartphilia from Fairy Tail)

      As a message for anyone in the market for a platinum blonde wig, the name of this is misleading. It's more of a golden yellow, which is the color I was looking for. As far as the style goes, I really love the width of the skin cap on top, it makes the part really versatile and more natural looking. This is an awesome wig and I think it's worth the extra money.

    19. Rating: 4 / 5.00

      Wig: Le Tigre Long (Used for Zelda from Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword)

    20. Rating: 5 / 5.00

      Wig: Magnum (Used for Sailor Mercury from Sailor Moon)

      I love this style so much.

    21. Rating: 5 / 5.00

      Wig: Inigo (Used for Kagamine Rin from Vocaloid 2)

    22. Rating: 4 / 5.00

      Wig: Inigo (Used for Monomi from Super Dangan Ronpa 2)

      I've had this wig since January 2012 so its fibers are not 100% perfect but it still worked fine!

    23. Rating: 3 / 5.00

      Wig: Eowyn (Used for Zelda from Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword)

    24. Rating: 4 / 5.00

      Wig: Cady (Used for Flynn Rider from Tangled)

      My only beef has nothing to do with the wig, but my hairline is so awkward and ridiculous it still looks up underneath the wig. Whelp.

    25. Rating: 5 / 5.00

      Wig: Katinka (Used for Lachesis from Five Star Stories)

      Great wig and comfortable to boot!