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    Reviews for Arda Wigs
    1. Rating: N/A

      Wig: Eowyn (Used for Lucy Heartphilia from Fairy Tail)

      Next time I think I'm going to use a pony clip for the tail because it tended to be too heavy and pulled the wig to one side.

    2. Rating: 5 / 5.00

      Wig: Magnum (Used for Sakuya from .hack//Quantum)

    3. Rating: 5 / 5.00

      Wig: Jeannie (Used for Damara Megido from MS Paint Adventures / Homestuck)

      I just kinda wish Arda fibers didn't get so frizzy so easily.

    4. Rating: 5 / 5.00

      Wig: Vegas (Used for Washuu Hakubi from Tenchi Muyo)

    5. Rating: 4 / 5.00

      Wig: Blue Steele (Used for Inumuta Houka from Kill la Kill)


    6. Rating: 5 / 5.00

      Wig: Jaguar (Used for Noodle from Gorillaz, The)

    7. Rating: 4 / 5.00


      Wig: Buttercup (Used for Mana from Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters)

    8. Rating: 5 / 5.00

      Wig: Buttercup (Used for Sarah Sisulart from Lost Odyssey)

    9. Rating: 5 / 5.00

      Wig: Magnum Long (Used for Sakura Haruno from Naruto Shippūden)

    10. Rating: 5 / 5.00

      Wig: Matilda (Used for Asami Sato from Legend of Korra, The)

      Wow, my first Arda and it's amazing! My only complaint is that it tangles really quick, but that is due to the curly style and the height of the collar. Hard to prevent, but just needs TLC after wearing.

    11. Rating: 5 / 5.00

      Wig: Luthien (Used for Princess Peach Toadstool from Super Mario Brothers Series)

      I love how curly this wig is! It works nicely for Peach's style of hair.

    12. Rating: 5 / 5.00

      Wig: Merry (Used for Calamity Jane from Wild Arms)

    13. Rating: 5 / 5.00

      Wig: Chibi (Used for Chun Li from Street Fighter Alpha)

    14. Rating: 4 / 5.00

      Wig: Jett (Used for Karkat Vantas from MS Paint Adventures / Homestuck)

    15. Rating: 4 / 5.00

      Wig: Le Tigre Long (Used for Queen Frostine from Candyland)

      Wig was extremely thick and full. It tangles so be careful, but overall the quality was excellent!

    16. Rating: 2 / 5.00

      Wig: Jareth (Used for Fakir from Princess Tutu)

      Nothing against the wig, just how it turned out after getting messed up. However, it looked ten times better after I had re-styled it that night for Saturday of the convention.

    17. Rating: 3 / 5.00

      Wig: Chibi (Used for Chibiusa / Rini from Sailor Moon)

      after a full day of being in the Texas wind, the pigtails were ruined beyond fixing. I would use another company for the pigtails, but getting them to match with a back parted wig is almost impossible.

    18. Rating: 5 / 5.00

      Wig: Jeannie (Used for Kneesocks from Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt)

      love love LOVE the Jeannie!

    19. Rating: 4 / 5.00

      Wig: Magnum (Used for Chun Li from Street Fighter Alpha)

    20. Rating: 4 / 5.00

      Wig: Curly Clips (Used for Merida from Brave)

      Love these clips, but they are very heavy, but you do get use to it. Easy to work with, though they do frizz up after a lot of use.

    21. Rating: 5 / 5.00

      Wig: Glinda (Used for Edith Crawley from Downton Abbey)

      Love this wig! It's super comfortable and versatile. I have used it for three other costumes!

    22. Rating: 5 / 5.00

      Wig: Rufio (Used for The Doctor (10th) from Doctor Who)

    23. Rating: 5 / 5.00

      Wig: Magnum (Used for Aoi Asahina from Dangan Ronpa)

    24. Rating: 5 / 5.00

      Wig: Rufio (Used for Selkie from Original: Fantasy)

      A super lovely wig!

    25. Rating: 4 / 5.00

      Wig: Magnum Long (Used for Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite)

      I want to re-do this wig, but i love the colour.