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    Welcome to the wig database! Here you can find information on all the major wigs cosplayer use. If you've ever had trouble finding or choosing a wig for your costume, you can get help by seeing what other ACParadise members have used, along with reviews and styling notes. You can also leave feedback and notes on the different brands to help your fellow cosplayer choose the best wig for their costume.
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    Recent Wigs by ACParadise Users
    Newly added Wigs
    Wig Brand
    AKB0048 Kojima Haruna Kojiharu Lucaille 07-29-2014
    Short Wig Punk Shop 07-25-2014
    So Close Exposition Exhibitionist The Five Wits 07-24-2014
    Chitoge Kirisaki wig Lucaille 07-23-2014
    Kaori AnimeStuffStore 07-22-2014
    ilver White Short Cosplay Party Wig TaoBaoPit 07-21-2014
    Heart no Kuni no Alice Boris Airay Short Magenta Anime Cosplay Hair Wig Wig Fashion 07-21-2014
    ttack on Titan (Shingeki No Kyojin) Jean Kirstein Gradients Anime Cosplay Wig Cos-320i Ruler Cosplay 07-21-2014
    Durarara Izaya Orihara Cosplay Costume Short Black Wig TaoBaoPit 07-21-2014
    Spinning Vinyl Wub PWN The Five Wits 07-21-2014
    Jone Match Wigs 07-17-2014
    Alinda Match Wigs 07-17-2014
    Warmcos Arda Wigs 07-12-2014
    Koizumi Hanayo Short Lucaille 07-08-2014
    Hyperdimension Neptunia IF/Idea Factory Cosplay Magic 07-08-2014
    Heaven Snow Falling Meteor The Five Wits 07-08-2014
    Ci120cm CF24 CosplayFu 07-07-2014
    Shouyou Hinata Kucos 07-07-2014
    Premium Collection - Queen Lacefront Lockshop 07-06-2014
    Berto Match Wigs 07-04-2014
    Mens YouYouPIFA 07-01-2014
    Prince Coscraft 06-30-2014
    Brittany Vivica A. Fox Hair Collection 06-28-2014
    Lily Coscraft 06-27-2014
    Free! Nagisa Hazuki Ghost Cos Wig 06-25-2014
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    3. Epic Cosplay (745 Wigs)
    4. New Look (692 Wigs)
    5. Cosworx / Cosplay.com (529 Wigs)
    6. Fantasy Sheep (489 Wigs)
    7. Cosplay-Wig (449 Wigs)
    8. Amphigory (363 Wigs)
    9. Ayanamisatoru / greatarchy09 (187 Wigs)
    10. Lucaille (160 Wigs)
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    Here are a list of all wig brands available on ACParadise. Click on a name to get more information about the company.