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Wigs > Arda Wigs > Jeannie
Wig Information
Most Common Characters using this Wig
  1. Korra (12)
  2. Hibiki Ganaha (10)
  3. Kyoko Sakura (9)
  4. Kneesocks (8)
  5. Nowi (7)
(229 costumes use this wig)
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Recent Reviews
  1. Rating 5 / 5.00

    Reviewed by RatchetTheRouge

    Arda is by far my favorite wig company, and I love the way the color and fit turned out! It did end up being pretty heavy though, so I can only wear it for about five hours without getting a headache.

  2. Rating 4 / 5.00

    Reviewed by CatsCradle

    HEAVY. Ponytail wigs are a HASSLE to keep on your head.

  3. Rating 5 / 5.00

    Reviewed by ladybee

  4. Rating 4 / 5.00

    Reviewed by berrychan

    The ponytail clip is so heavy I had to go without it for this cosplay. I wish the wig cap wasn't so big also. Other than that, the wig is great quality, beautiful color, and nice and thick.

  5. Rating -1 / 5.00

    Reviewed by 8bitbear

    First time using a wig from Arda. Great fiber quality, very pleased!