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Wigs > Arda Wigs > Marty
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Most Common Characters using this Wig
  1. Kiyotaka Ishimaru (2)
  2. Ursula (1)
  3. The Sleep (1)
  4. Sandman (1)
  5. Castiel (1)
(8 costumes use this wig)
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Recent Reviews
  1. Rating 5 / 5.00

    Reviewed by Twigs

  2. Rating 5 / 5.00

    Reviewed by AlabasterHeart

    Even though it doesn't look like a lot, I'm very proud of how this wig turned out. I'd been wanting to try out ventilating a lacefront and definitely wouldn't be opposed to doing more lacefront modification in the future!

  3. Rating 5 / 5.00

    Reviewed by Yukari Kaiba

  4. Rating 4 / 5.00

    Reviewed by sidero

  5. Rating 3 / 5.00

    Reviewed by donttouchmymilk

    Although I like most aspects of this wig (it's absolutely beautiful, and had great coverage in the front), it was a bit thin in the back. It may have had something to do with the fact that it was a white wig, but it seemed to have a lot of extra space, and it was easy to see my hair through it in the back. I had to style the back half very carefully to hide it.