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This event is finished, no volunteers needed.

Description: The event will be held Aug 4th
9am to 12pm

The event is now full! Anyone who joins this even now will be wait listed.
More info can be found on the fb page:

It is a beautiful area that is hidden in Ellicott City. It is a private park that can be rented out for different functions. This area is perfect for a variety of cosplays. There's a "basement" which is dark and spooky, there's the classical element, a bit of a garden and then overall great stone/plaster facade. It's well maintained. My husband came up with the idea of renting the area with the purpose of having photoshoots. We'd like to invite cosplayers and photographers to help make this happen.

It would be a one day event for people to get some great shots of their cosplays. We would divide the fee of the rent to use the space amongst everyone to keep the cost down. At this time I can not say what the cost will be, at most it would be $50 per person. The more people that join the event, the less the cost. It could be as low as $10, but I won't know until I get the final numbers of all involved.

Location: August 4th 9am to 12pm 2012
Photoshoot event at the Patapsco Female Institute. Ellicott City, MD.

Volunteer Info: By Volunteering you are participating in the event. You will not be asked to do anything but either photograph or cosplay.

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